Alice is a lifestyles magazine created by and for college aged women. Alice publishes three times a year.

Emma Kate Standard, Editor-in-Chief
Monique Fields, Adviser
1014 Student Media Building

Black Warrior Review

The Black Warrior Review is a nationally known literary magazine published twice annually by graduate students in the University’s Creative Writing Program.

Samantha Bolf, Editor
Lydia O’Donnell, Managing Editor
07A Rowand-Johnson Hall

The Crimson White

The Crimson White is the award-winning newspaper of the University. Published Monday through Thursday, it has distributed news, sports and information to the campus since 1894.

Ashlee Woods, Editor-In-Chief
Carson Lott, Managing Editor
Monique Fields, Adviser
1010 Student Media Building

Bama Life

Bama Life is the student lifestyles newsletter of The University of Alabama. Bama Life publishes every Wednesday during the Spring and Fall terms via email.

Beth Claunch, Editor
Julie Salter, Advisers

Marr's Field Journal

The Marr’s Field Journal is a digital literary magazine written, edited and published by undergraduate students at UA.

Sarah Scarcliff, Editor
Jessie Jones, Adviser
1024 Student Media Building

Nineteen Fifty-Six

Nineteen Fifty-Six is the first Black student-led magazine at The University of Alabama through the Office of Student Media. Nineteen Fifty-Six celebrates and focuses on Black culture, Black excellence, and Black student experiences at The University of Alabama.

Ta’Kyla Bates, Editor
Monique Fields, Adviser
1016 Student Media Building

Southern Historian

The Southern Historian is an annual journal of research concerning Southern history that is written, edited, and produced by UA graduate students.

Dawn Wiley, Editor
Jessica Brodt, Assistant Editor
207 ten Hoor

Student Media Advertising

Student Media Advertising handles all ad sales for Alice, The Crimson White and all of our publications digital and social media. The team also acquires sponsorships for WVUA-FM programing and other special events.

Julie Salter, Adviser
1013 Student Media Building


WVUA-FM is the student-run radio station for the UA community. It broadcasts a variety of musical genres, news, sports and talk to the campus 24/7/365.

Chloe Crooks, Station Manager
Terry Siggers, General Manager
1023B Student Media Building
205-348-7257 (business office)
205-348-6061 (office)
205-348-9070 (request line)